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Emmanuel Fromont. Corporate VP, President EMEA, Acer

If I look back at my career, each time I've changed company, it was a tough decision because I was leaving a nice job in a nice company. But I never regretted it.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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What key strategies did you implement to drive growth? How do you navigate the unique challenges of a multi-country, multi-geography expansion to achieve that growth?

Under my leadership, we experienced significant growth. However, it’s important to acknowledge that we've also been influenced by market conditions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw remarkable growth, even as the market became more challenging. We expanded into new markets and product lines, emphasizing the importance of taking control of our destiny rather than relying solely on market conditions.

Geographical Expansion: To expand geographically, we focus on embracing new markets. We serve most of the EMEA region, although we don’t have a presence in every single market, particularly in the Middle East and Africa, where we rely on partners. However, we have local teams in most countries. This strategy of embracing local culture and teams has been crucial in building relationships and understanding the markets. We trust our local organizations as the best way to drive market success.

Diversification of Product Lines: In addition to geographical expansion, we have diversified our product lines. We have ventured into areas beyond PCs, such as mobility and other adjacent segments, leveraging our expertise in battery management and software development. This diversification helps us avoid over-reliance on the PC market.

Embracing Innovation: Artificial Intelligence represents a new cycle for PCs, which is why we are excited about our latest launch. The PC market has fluctuated with demand, partly due to a lack of innovation in recent years. AI brings new uses for PCs, requiring hardware upgrades and making PCs exciting again. We aim to be first movers in embracing new market waves, demonstrating our flexibility and speed.

Lifestyle Integration: We have also integrated lifestyle elements into our ecosystem, expanding into accessories and unique products like scooters and immersive gaming chairs. These innovations, while not major revenue drivers, contribute to Acer’s unique identity and appeal.

Capturing the Gen Z Market: Capturing the Gen Z market requires a different approach. We embraced gaming early, establishing our Predator and Nitro brands as pioneers in the gaming industry. Our marketing has shifted from traditional methods to online platforms, influencers, and social media like TikTok. This strategy ensures our brand resonates with Gen Z, meeting them where they are and making our presence felt.

Sustainability: Sustainability is a key pillar for Acer. We are committed to transparency and measurable progress. About 60% of our products now come with a carbon footprint measured by an external company. We aim for renewable electricity by 2035 and carbon neutrality by 2050. Sustainability is not just about cost but also about enhancing business stability and meeting shareholder expectations.

Leadership Insights: With an engineering degree and an MBA, my technical background and business education have influenced my leadership at Acer. While technical skills are important, continuous learning and soft skills are crucial for leadership. The ability to unite a team, communicate effectively, and inspire others is paramount. For Gen Z aspiring to be executives, my advice is to work on communication skills, embrace new technologies, and develop soft skills by engaging with people directly.

Personal Reflection: Throughout my career at companies like IBM, HP, Packard Bell, and Acer, I’ve taken risks and embraced new opportunities. Each change, though challenging, has been rewarding, offering new and exciting challenges. It’s important to step out of your comfort zone and seize opportunities for growth.

Thank you for the conversation. It’s been a pleasure.

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