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Exclusive Interview: Stefan Schmied, Leader, LIXIL, GROHE

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, doesn't mean that strategy is not relevant, but a good culture helps you to execute better.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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A very diverse background with a rich global career, whether it's in Europe, Asia or the Middle East. Who is Stefan? 

Oh, that's a very deep question early in the morning, but I try to answer it short and quickly. Stefan Schmidt, who is he? He's a global citizen, so to speak, as you pointed out very well. Ultimately, he's still Swiss. He has his roots there, but traveled around the world for many years for several companies, starting consulting for six years. Then I was very quickly into the sanitary wear technology industry. The interesting part about our industry, once you're in, it's very hard to get out. You're stuck. So I somehow stuck in that very nice and interesting industry and over all these years I developed somehow an interest in the whole technologies that are actually in our industry, like the water saving that we have, the design part that we have, the technology part that we have. 

So it is an interesting industry and always fascinating. Otherwise, I'm a very sporty guy. My plan B is always if everything fails, I can become a Pilates teacher. So that's my plan B. A happily married, and have several dogs as well. 

Let's hear more from Stefan!

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