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Here's What Employees Think the Workplace Will Look Like in

30 Years. According to a new survey, employees expect to see more flexibility as the workplace evolves. But they aren't convinced that well-being will be much better.

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It's the year 2054. Hybrid is the standardAI is ever-present. But burnout is rising. 

That's according to employee predictions in a new survey of more than 500 U.S. workers from the job site Monster. Looking 30 years ahead at the workplace of the future, these employees expect to see more flexibility, but also continued challenges. 

Fifty-eight percent of workers predict that hybrid will be the most common work model, according to the report. There's already some evidence of this growth in recent data, which shows that work location flexibility is on the rise and that the hybrid model is gaining traction.  

Fifty-three percent of workers also predict that flexible work hours will become more common, and 46 percent believe that four-day workweeks will be more accepted. In fact, just 12 percent of workers think the 9-to-5 schedule will still be common in 30 years.  

But this doesn't mean workers expect to have it easy. In fact, half believe that corporate burnout will only get worse and that even more workers will have multiple full-time jobs. They're largely uncertain that work-life balance will improve, and also expect that wages will worsen compared to the cost of living. 

Still, in the coming years, employees are optimistic that the workplace will continue to evolve, particularly when it comes to new technologies. Fifty-eight percent anticipate that AI will be able to "conduct initial screenings with candidates," and 53 percent think AI will be more integrated into email communications.  

Others predict that in 30 years, companies will care less about requiring a college education and that salary transparency will be standard across the country.   

There's already been some movement toward these predictions, as well.

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