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Thndr Secures Research License with Rumble

The combination of Thndr and Rumble creates a powerful synergy and bring investors a wealth of information.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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Egypt's digital investing platform Thndr Securities Brokerage has been granted a research license to provide its clients with expert investment recommendations through its newly minted sister brand, Rumble.[1]

Under the license, Thndr, known for its user-friendly trading platform, will expand its service portfolio to provide not just brokerage services but also actionable research and valuable insights, previously available to a select few.

Rumble, operating on a subscription-based model, is dedicated to democratizing access to information, and offering expert investment recommendations to a wider audience.

Its goal is to empower all investors, enabling them to intelligently and confidently build wealth through accessible and expert insights.

Headed by Amr Hussein Elalfy, CFA, as the Head of Fundamental Research, and Ahmed Elhefnawi, leading the charge in Technical Analysis, Rumble's recommendations, since its soft launch in mid-July 2023, have consistently outperformed the market, boasting an impressive average gain of over 15%.

Ahmed Elhefnawi, with over two decades of diverse experience, brings a unique perspective shaped by high-stakes trading and asset management roles at prominent firms such as Beltone Asset Management and EFG Holding.

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