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Anava Invests €5M in Titan Seed Fund I

The Fund to Support 20 Deep Tech Companies

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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The "ANAVA" fund of funds run by "Smart Capital" expressed its commitment to invest €5 million in a new underlying fund called "Titan Seed Fund I." 

It is dedicated to supporting deep tech startups (startups developing highly innovative techniques) in Tunisia.

An agreement was signed during a press meeting held by the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC) to present the startup support project «Innovative Startups and SME's, funded by the World Bank, the CDC, and the German development bank "KFW".

Titan Seed Fund I seeks to invest in almost twenty Tunisian startups. It represents the first fund in North Africa focused on «Deep Tech» in the «Seed» phase (seed fundraising). The Fund intends to invest an average amount of between €300,000 and €650,000, with the aim of preparing them for a «Series A» type of fundraising. (Series A fundraising occurs when the startup has already marketed a product or service that arouses interest and presents development prospects.)

Anava Seed Fund is an investment focused on investing in high potential for growth companies within innovation-based and knowledge-driven industries in Tunisia, investing in ICT, Education and Healthcare Technology, Digital Content and Online Media, Consumer Internet, and Solutions for Financial Services and Payments (FinTech).

Through investing in promising seed-stage and early-stage companies and providing them with strategic mentorship, office space, a multitude of perks and services ($300,000+), and entrepreneurship-focused business training and workshops, ASF stimulates the investment pipeline in Tunisia by introducing new companies with well-developed concepts every year; while creating healthy investment returns to its investors.

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