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EXCLUSIVE: Business Owners Are Bullish on AI--Except When

They're Not, According to a New Survey. In a new Inc. survey of nearly 200 business owners, entrepreneurs think AI is more likely to destroy society than destroy their businesses.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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Business owners are overwhelmingly optimistic about AI's potential to help take their organizations to the next level, according to Inc.'s recent survey of nearly 200 business leaders. 

The survey, conducted in January 2024, found that 86.1 percent of respondents were optimistic about AI's impact on their business, with 38.5 percent of respondents using the tech to handle mundane tasks, and 34 percent using it to write marketing copy. But while business owners are gung-ho about AI, they aren't quite ready to let their customers know, as only 6.5 percent of respondents said they've disclosed their AI use publicly or to clients. 

As for why business owners are so bullish on AI, one respondent wrote that integrating the tech into a business is "the equivalent of handing a novice chess player a quantum computer to compete with their opponent."

A particular highlight: the potential benefits of fusing AI's ability to quickly crunch and analyze data with "the human privilege of intuition and experience." The business owner said leaders will be "propelled into uncharted territories of efficiency and innovation." 

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