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FarmERP to Expand into the Saudi Arabian Market

The climate-smart, 'Farmgyan Platform uses AI, ML, and deep tech Integration to combat water scarcity and drive agricultural efficiency in this region.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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FarmERP,  an agritech company serving agribusinesses across more than 30+ countries, including deployments across the Middle East, is planning to expand its footprint into the Saudi Arabian market. 

FarmERP provides technology solutions to agricultural and food supply chain companies in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. 

FarmERP focuses on sustainability and specializes in research to develop mechanisms for predicting agritech challenges like weather conditions, and food and water scarcity,  and tailors specialized technical solutions that address the Region's needs.

The company plans to expand in the Saudi Arabian market for its potential. The startup uses advanced data science and technology (supported by AI and ML) and aims to elevate food security, climate change, and sustainability alongside optimizing resources, closely overseeing crop and soil health, and deploying digitalization tools in this region. 

Additionally, its ambitions to resource allocation, closely monitor crop and soil conditions, and implement efficient irrigation techniques, catalyze the escalated investments in regional agriculture. 

 FarmERP seeks to establish a registered office in Saudi Arabia to serve its existing clients in the region and support them with employment generation. Through these expansion initiatives, the company targets a 3x surge in revenue.

The company's plans include enhancing AI-based advisory across farm to farm-to-fork supply chain, simultaneously focusing on greenhouse gas (GHG) management. 

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