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How to turn LinkedIn into your ATM?!

An ATM is a machine from which we can extract cash if we know how to use it. Ironically

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Having a personal brand that stands out on a professional platform, LinkedIn isn’t just about gaining followers—it’s about turning your personal brand into a revenue stream. With over one billion users, LinkedIn presents an unparalleled opportunity for founders and CXOs to forge meaningful connections, establish trust, and ultimately monetize their expertise.

An ATM is a machine from which we can extract cash if we know how to use it. Ironically, the three steps to unlock this power stand for “Attention”, “Trust,” and “Monetization,” which I call the (ATM); in that specific order. 

1. Attention: Capture your audience’s Attention with Precision

The first step is gaining visibility among the sea of professionals on LinkedIn. This involves:

  • Defining Your Audience: Zero in on who you’re speaking to. Create detailed buyer personas to understand their challenges and aspirations. 
  • Optimizing Your Profile: Tailor every element of your profile, from a professional headshot to a compelling cover image and meaningful headline, to resonate with your target audience. 
  • Strategic Content Planning: Develop a content calendar that focuses on educational, motivational, and entertaining content. To engage your audience, utilize a mix of media, from articles to videos. Get creative with your topics in the way you write, and your tone of voice, Diversify content formats between pictures, graphics, videos, etc..

Resource Spotlight: Use tools like Canva to design eye-catching cover images and content.


2. Trust: Building Trust Through Engagement

In an era of misinformation, trust has become the most precious currency on the internet. But how can you achieve this? 

  • Consistent Engagement: Regular posting keeps you on your audience’s radar. The quality of your interactions matters as much as frequency.
  • Deep-Dive Content: Invest in creating long-form content, such as LinkedIn articles or newsletters, which can deepen connections with your audience. This offers a special kind of content where more knowledge is shared, and people can subscribe to read or join a live feed, a kind of connection that is not easily created through small day-to-day posts.
  • Conversations: Foster a two-way dialogue by actively participating in conversations, both on your posts and with others. 

Real Success Story: Goldie Chan, a marketing consultant, tripled her engagement rate and built a loyal following by hosting weekly LinkedIn Live sessions, offering valuable marketing insights.

3. Monetization: Monetizing Your Influence

Now, for the exciting part—turning those connections into cash. Here’s the pathway:

  • Direct Messaging: Use thoughtful messaging to transition online interactions (likes & comments) into real-world consultations or business opportunities. Metaphorically welcoming people to your place turns your conversations into phone calls. And phone calls turn into business meetings to close deals!
  • The Power of Helping: Craft your message to highlight how you can solve your potential client’s problems, backed by data and results. This will turn your conversation over DM into a ready-to-close business meeting!

Expert Tip: Always tailor your message to address the unique needs of the person you are approaching, demonstrating your deep understanding of his/her challenges.

What Sets You Apart: The ATM Framework

Remember, the ATM (Attention, Trust, Monetization) framework isn’t just sequential steps but a cyclical process. Each satisfied client or successful partnership circles back, enhancing your brand’s visibility and credibility and attracting more attention.

Now, I recommend you start building your personal brand on LinkedIn immediately.

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