KSA Offers Tax Breaks for Companies Moving Regional HQs to Riyadh

Saudi Arabia offers an attractive 30-year tax relief plan to lure regional corporate HQs.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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Saudi Arabia announces tax incentives for foreign companies that locate their regional headquarters in the Kingdom, including a 30-year exemption for corporate income tax.

The tax incentives include zero income tax for foreign entities that move their regional headquarters in the Kingdom, and these benefits can be availed from the date of the regional headquarters issuance license, according to Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Investment. 

Saudi Arabia’s program to attract foreign companies to open their regional headquarters in the Kingdom is a joint initiative between the Ministry of Investment and the Royal Commission for Riyadh City.

The offer includes a 0% corporate tax rate for 30 years, which will be applied for companies “from the day they obtained their RHQ license,” an official statement read.

The program “aims to attract MNCs to set up their RHQ in Saudi Arabia and position the Kingdom as the leading commercial, industrial and investment hub for the MENA region, by offering a range of benefits and premium support services that complement the Kingdom’s globally competitive value proposition,” the statement added.

The regional headquarters program aims to encourage international companies to open their regional headquarters in the Middle East and North Africa region in Saudi Arabia, and to materialize that the Kingdom is offering a wide range of benefits and incentives. 

KSA has been a growing hub for startups and entrepreneurs as well as established international companies over the past few years attracting international companies that opened their regional headquarters in Saudi Arabia in recent months like PwC Middle East and GE Healthcare. 

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