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Saudi Foodtech Kitchenara Raises $380,000 in Funding

The investment will help accelerate the platform's growth strategy.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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The Saudi "Kitchenara" platform, which specializes in food entertainment services, has announced the completion of its funding round, with angel investors in the United Arab Emirates contributing 1.425 million Saudi riyals (approximately $380,000).

Kitchenara is a food delivery platform that distinguishes itself by integrating artificial intelligence technologies with its proprietary video content on the social media platform TikTok. This integration offers users an indulging social media mixed with food experience when it comes to exploring and reserving food.

The capital acquired will be utilized to achieve Kitchenara's objectives for expansion, with a specific emphasis on enhancing its technological framework, broadening its market presence, and improving its operational capacities.

A substantial segment of the investment will be designated towards enhancing the artificial intelligence technology and intelligent recommendation engine of the platform. This will guarantee that users are provided with individualized food recommendations that are customized to their preferences and previous culinary encounters.

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