US Startup SolarSpace To Set Up Shop In The UAE

SolarSpace specializes in off-grid concentrated solar power (CSP).

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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The US startup SolarSpace, which specializes in solar energy generation, has joined the UAE's Ministry of Economy's NextGen FDI program to establish its regional headquarters in Abu Dhabi, UAE's Ministry of Economy said in a press release.

SolarSpace was founded by David Vili in 2020 in Tuscon, Arizona. The company specializes in off-grid concentrated solar power (CSP), which can produce three times as much energy as photovoltaic panel system using just one-fifth of the land area. The company, which utilizes research coming out of the University of Arizona and NASA, will use CSP to build and operate sustainable and self-sustainable solar-powered EV charging stations, as well as to retrofit gas stations and build microgrids.  

CSP uses large mirrors to funnel sunlight into small focal points in a matter of seconds, producing high heat, which is then converted into sound waves, and from sound waves into electric power and cooling. 

SolarSpace is currently stress-testing off-grid electric vehicle charging stations in remote and arid environments. The company is also working on a carbon-neutral water purification and desalination system, which has the potential to reduce the cost of potable water by up to five times.

NextGen FDI was established in 2022 to support the expansion of the UAE's knowledge economy by attracting and supporting digitally-enabled businesses to the UAE. The initiative facilitates the issuance of bulk or golden visas, expedites banking services, speeds up licensing processes, and offers commercial and residential lease incentives for companies looking to relocate to the UAE.

Earlier this year, the UAE announced plans to invest up to $54 bn on renewables over the next seven years in an effort to reach net zero emissions by 2050. The UAE first pledged to achieve net zero emissions in October 2021. 

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