What is the Cost of Advertising on Burj Khalifa?

Mysteries and secrets of advertising on the tallest tower in the world, the gem of the 21st Century.

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If you're ready to pay for a service that won't be forgotten for a very long time, there is no better place than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to advertise your products. This destination, which has become a mecca for tourists in the Middle East, provides your products with enough authenticity to gain the trust and satisfaction of customers. So, what is the cost of advertising on the world's tallest tower, the icon considered the gem of the twenty-first century?

The Burj Khalifa is one of the most important cultural landmarks of the modern era and is considered a vertical city aimed at addressing global challenges such as urbanization and increasing population density. The tower includes residential apartments, commercial companies, a hotel, restaurants, a fitness center, luxurious swimming pools, and offers visitors a chance to see Dubai from dizzying heights.

Why choose Burj Khalifa?

Opened in 2010, the Burj Khalifa is located in a densely populated area, attracting the attention of Middle Eastern residents and even the world with every new event. Additionally, any advertisement there takes up a significant space in social media discussions, contributing to spreading the advertisement over a wide area targeting the entire Middle Eastern geography and not just the vicinity of the tower.

But that's not all. The Burj Khalifa or Dubai Tower, which stands at 828 meters tall, is significantly taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris, by three times.

Moreover, the significant impact of advertising through the world's most famous tower and its reappearance in documentaries conducted by the world's leading companies about the tower, considered the icon of the Middle East, gives the advertisement a much longer life cycle than the minutes allotted to it on the tower.

In short, placing your advertisement on Burj Khalifa means leaving a mark that won't easily be erased from the minds of viewers worldwide.

Types of Advertisements on Burj Khalifa

What is the cost of advertising on Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world?

"MullenLowe MENA," the company responsible for advertisements on Burj Khalifa, offers a variety of advertising options for you to choose from:

  • Fixed advertisements: These remain in place for a specific time period, as agreed upon between the advertiser and the company.
  • Moving advertisements: These are characterized by their movement on the façade of the tower in an attractive and fluid manner to catch attention.
  • 3D "HD" advertisements: These create realistic effects, enhancing the appeal of the advertisement.

What distinguishes advertisements on Burj Khalifa is the ability to display colors uniquely and highlight the finest details allowing the scene to appear lifelike, not just an ordinary advertisement. Also, the experience of advertising on Burj Khalifa is something that the viewer, before even the advertiser, will fall in love with. This starts a significant impact, attracting more viewers to the extent that they might visit just to watch the advertisement as soon as it begins and as news of its display spreads, often turning the advertisement into a social media trend, increasing the target audience's density.

As happened in 2020, when the Syrian YouTubers "Anas and Asala" decided to reveal the gender of their first child through the tower, broadcasting the event on their official YouTube channel, turning the event into a trend, garnering more than 44 million and 700 thousand views.

YouTube pays about $30,000 for every million views, according to technology content creator Shelby Church in a previous interview with Insider in 2023. Imagine the amount of profit from the Syrian couple's advertisement, who paid about $95,000 for the advertisement on Burj Khalifa. [1]

The World's Highest Advertisement

In 2021, Emirates Airlines presented one of the boldest advertisements in the world, filmed through a flight attendant who stood at the top of the world's tallest tower.

The flight attendant stood with great steadiness at the highest man-made point in the world, in an advertisement that lasted thirty seconds. Burj Khalifa is not only the right place to display the advertisement but also the right place to shoot it. Through this advertisement, Emirates Airlines enhanced the safety factor among passengers, who will automatically feel confident and safe seeing the flight attendant at the highest man-made point on Earth. [2]

How much does it cost to advertise on Burj Khalifa?

The exact price for advertising on Burj Khalifa can't be pinpointed as it depends on the type of advertisement, its duration, timing of display, size, and its strategic location on the external surface of the building. However, it appears that the cost ranges between $68,000 to $1.3 million.

According to the local Emirati newspaper Al Bayan, the cost for a single high-definition light display advertisement on the entire façade of the tower for three minutes, from 8 to 10 pm on weekends, is $95,000. This means that one advertising minute costs more than $31,000, but the cost decreases on regular weekdays to about $68,300. [1]

The cost for the display twice, each lasting three minutes throughout the week including the weekend, is about $136,600, and it goes up to around $273,000 against displaying the light advertisement for three minutes, five times throughout the week between 7 pm and midnight.

While the advertising costs on the world's tallest tower might seem exorbitant, considering the anticipated impact and fame the brand will gain from the advertisement, the cost seems very small. In short, advertising on the towering Burj Khalifa turns the advertisement into an art piece embedded in the viewers' subconscious, enhancing the brand's message and perhaps forming a pivotal moment in its journey towards success and growth.

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