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3 Outsourcing Options Tech Founders Should Consider

Outsourcing has evolved, and tech founders are discovering innovative ways to navigate the complex landscape of entrepreneurship.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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Becoming a successful founder and building a sustainable business can be one of the most daunting challenges any entrepreneur embarks on. From the onset, it often requires you and your team to stretch yourselves thin and operate beyond your normal capacities.

In the early stages of growth, when cash flow is an issue and expertise is lacking, getting a company up and running is no easy task.

Many tech founders believe they can handle all the challenges themselves, only to later realize the value of using every tool at their disposal. Of these, outsourcing is one of the most reliable strategies to improve an entrepreneur's chances of success. When looking to outsource, as a good rule of thumb, make sure that the rewards in terms of economics, quality, and efficiency outweigh those of continuing to handle those business functions internally. 

Here are three options for outsourcing business functions that tech founders and other entrepreneurs should consider in 2024. 

1. A Co-Sourcing Approach to Customer Support and Success 

A key challenge for any founder is finding the right people at the right cost. Outsourcing is all about making things easier for you and your company, which goes beyond how expensive running a certain department or team is. Both tech startups and scaleups have three main options when it comes to managing support and customer service: Hire people internally, outsource, or crowdsource support. I see this third option is growing in popularity for many tech companies. 

Take customer service as an example, which is an area that is outsourced to global partners of all sizes. Companies like Talkr provide a co-sourcing model, which enables businesses to reap the benefits of outsourcing without giving up control. Outsourcing staff that serve as an extension of a company's teams helps founders accelerate growth and scale up their business without the ongoing headache of recruiting, training, and maintaining support staff. 

When looking for an outsourcing partner, discuss your company's vision with potential partners and make sure they are flexible to adapt to your business needs as they change, especially if you are in a stage of growth. Omnichannel, 24/7, and multilingual support are key, though having a support team that you can trust is even more important. 

2. Outsourcing Options for Partner Engagement and Project Management

Many tech founders often pursue their initial business opportunities through personal connections. Many use LinkedIn, search engine optimization, and sales development representatives, although most of these activities focus on the top of the funnel. Even if these activities do lead to sales, there are many questions to answer: Who will lead project deployment? Who will provide local support? For international projects, who will bridge culture gaps? What about ongoing account management?

Companies like Noteya Innovations provide founders and entrepreneurs access to a network of experienced business partners and consultants for building sales-distribution channels and managing strategic projects. Outsourcing these business functions can reduce the risks of hiring staff to enter new markets and manage complex projects, while avoiding unmet expectations and unrealized revenue. 

Outsourcing activities to external partners offer many clear advantages. But before making the decision to outsource these business functions, make sure the potential partners are aligned with your sales and project-management strategy. For example, if you are selling cloud-based products or are a SaaS company, make sure your outsourced business development partners know how to work with managed-service providers selling services to enterprise customers. 

3. Business Travel Management Outsourcing: Not Just Cost-Cutting, But Value Addition

The essence of outsourcing goes beyond just cutting costs; it's a strategic tactic that enhances value by freeing up core operational resources. Consider business travel management which, although necessary, isn't always central to many businesses' operations. 

Companies like Barsala provide flexible housing operations that straddle traditional hotels and a home. It's tailored to suit the needs of the business traveler who craves the nuance of a home-like atmosphere without sacrificing hotel amenities. Its model adjusts to client demands, making it easier for companies to focus their resources on the core tasks. And multi-family developers, which have gaps between leases, can fill those gaps with flexible rental periods. The result better accommodates travelers and boosts the bottom line for developers.

Outsourcing brings more than just financial savings. It's about the comprehensive enhancement of efficiency, productivity, and scalability in order to concentrate on priorities.

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