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Humanoid Robotic Zinikus to Offer Smart Solutions

This young startup wants you to stay at home and send a robot to finish your errands.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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In the heart of the bustling GITEX Dubai 2023, we stumbled upon an intriguing startup making its way into the world of robotics. 

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Paras Gupta, and Adviteey Mehaindroo co-founders of Zinikus who unveiled the company's ambitious vision.

Zinikus, founded by the duo, originally from New Delhi, India, is already making waves in the tech world. Their journey began just a year ago when they started the company. Their first break into the world of tech innovation took off at Northstar GITEX, where they gained crucial leads and even secured investment from Agility Ventures, their first investors. Details of the deal couldn’t be disclosed at the moment. 

But what sets Zinikus apart? The answer is their pioneering humanoid robots with autonomous navigation and delivery capabilities. Mehaindroo enthusiastically described their main goal as “to make the humanoid robotic telepresence feature. So you don't have to go out from your home anywhere. You just sit at your home and send your robot anywhere." Imagine staying at home and sending a robot to your office, or wherever you need to go. Zinikus is turning this dream into reality.”

Gupta went on to explain some of the features of their robots. For instance, when a user interacts with their robot in a hypermarket or a museum, the robot recognizes them as a human and offers assistance. 

“Users can select their preferred language, and the robot guides them effortlessly, providing information in their chosen language. In a hypermarket, it can even assist with product information and facilitate on-the-spot payments. This innovative approach presents a unique business model, catering to both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) scenarios,” added Mehaindroo. 

The duo outlined how their business model functions. For corporates and businesses, they offer both selling and renting options. Suppose a museum or a corporation decides to adopt their robotic technology. In such cases, Zinikus provides flexibility, allowing clients to choose between outright purchases and annual maintenance contracts (AMCs).

Naturally, one might wonder about the price of such advanced robotic technology. The duo provided clarity, stating that the price range for a humanoid robot with autonomous navigation is between $20,000 and $32,000 USD. 

Mehaindroo told us they have future plans to establish a marketplace where people can buy robots at more affordable prices, avoiding the high costs that often deter potential customers.

When it comes to their target audience, Zinikus envisions their robots being used across a variety of sectors. Their clients could include airports, restaurants, museums, and many other organizations looking to enhance customer experiences with robotic assistance. Mehaindroo told us, his company is already in talks with companies in Dubai and potential investors in India.

What's particularly remarkable is how young the founders are. The duo are still in college, hailing from esteemed institutions like Delhi College of Engineering and Luteus University. Their passion for robotics and technology led them to establish Zinikus, which has garnered both attention and investment in just a year.

As for their future, Zinikus is looking to secure more funding by the end of the year, possibly paving the way for their expansion to Dubai. Their journey, starting in the heart of India, could take them to the tech hub of Dubai, where they aim to make an even more significant impact on the world of robotics.

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