HUB71 Teams Up with Stride Ventures

The partnership will offer comprehensive mentorship programs, equipping Abu Dhabi's startups with guidance to navigate business expansion.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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The global tech ecosystem in Abu Dhabi Hub71 has joined forces with the venture debt fund Stride Ventures in a strategic partnership aimed at fortifying entrepreneurship and fostering innovation within the capital's startup community.[1]

With Hub71's established platform and Stride Ventures' financial prowess, aspiring entrepreneurs will gain access to capital and mentorship opportunities crucial for scaling their ventures.

Additionally, the partnership will offer comprehensive mentorship programs, equipping startups with the necessary guidance to navigate the terrain of business expansion.

Hub71 was established in 2019 with the backing of the Government of Abu Dhabi and Mubadala Investment Company. Meanwhile, Stride Ventures, headquartered in India, has garnered acclaim for its support of innovative startups through timely and adaptable debt financing solutions.

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