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Top Rising Startups in the Arab World

Here are some of the most innovative startups in the Arab world kicking from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE and other countries. Check them out and know their stories

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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The startup scene in the Arab world continues to boom, across all fields from fintech, to retail, hospitality, transport, and the list goes on, showcasing a healthy development for innovation in the region. 

Venture capitalists are also growing in numbers and in size, and although the U.A.E. is still the hub, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan are also very active. We have compiled here a list of some of  the most innovative startups across the Arab World. 

  1. Nana: An on-demand grocery delivery platform based in Saudi Arabia, Nana was gaining popularity by offering quick and convenient grocery shopping services.

  2. Trella: Trella is an Egyptian startup that operates a digital trucking marketplace, connecting shippers with carriers to streamline logistics and trucking operations.

  3. MaxAB: Operating in Egypt, MaxAB is a B2B e-commerce platform that connects retailers with suppliers, helping small businesses access a wide range of products.

  4. FlexxPay: Based in the UAE, FlexxPay offers financial wellness solutions, allowing employees to access their earned but unpaid salary ahead of payday.

  5. Elmenus: An Egyptian startup, Elmenus is a food discovery and delivery platform that provides users with menus, reviews, and ordering options for various restaurants.

  6. Sarwa: Operating in the UAE, Sarwa is a robo-advisory platform that offers automated investment services, making it easier for individuals to start investing.

  7. Mumzworld: A UAE-based e-commerce platform, Mumzworld specializes in selling products for mothers, babies, and children.

  8. Turing: Although headquartered in the United States, Turing has a significant presence in the Arab world. It's a platform that connects companies with software developers from around the world.

  9. NowPay: Based in Egypt, NowPay provides financial wellness and payroll solutions for employees, allowing them to access their salaries in real-time.

  10. Tabby: Operating in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Tabby offers a "Buy Now, Pay Later" service, allowing customers to make purchases and pay in installments.

  11. Kitopi: Operating in the UAE, Kitopi is a cloud kitchen platform that partners with restaurants to provide food delivery services.

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