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10 Reasons You Should Stop Waiting for Approval

Stop waiting for approval from others--it will only lead you toward a no-win situation.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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You already have the power to be what you want to be and do what you want to do.

So if you find yourself waiting for approval from others, it's time to stop.

What other people think has nothing to do with you, and the sooner you know that the faster you will begin seeing the success you wish for yourself.

Here are 10 reasons to let go of the need for approval:

1. What matters most is what you think of yourself.
You are the one who is going to make this life and this business work. You are going to set the standard and make a go of it, pay the price, and reap the rewards!

2. Our own lessons are the best teacher.
People will try to tell you what to do and how to do it all day long, but there are great benefits to figuring things out for yourself. Even your failures and mistakes are chances to learn.

3. When you try to please everyone, you please no one.
Trying to please others is a futile effort that leaves you all over the place. It's only when you stand confident in your worth, in your self-respect, that you gain substance.

4. Take yourself beyond your comfort zone.
Fly as fast as you dare and take as many risks as you can. Don't allow yourself to be trapped in the fear that keeps you from venturing forward. You have to create your own opportunities, and they rarely happen when you're comfortable.

5. Mind your own business.
Instead of looking over your shoulder trying to figure out what makes someone else successful, keep your focus on yourself. Let others do what they do best and you do the same.

6. Trust what you know.
You have a deep inner knowing that you can always rely on. We all need others and you can value their opinion, but they are not responsible for your success or happiness.

7. Someone thinking it's true doesn't mean it's part of your reality.
Certainty about yourself and your ability is worth more than anyone else's version of the world. Remember to live in the reality you know to be true for yourself.

8. You have one life, so live it like it's yours.
When you stand in favor of your life, your abilities, and your power, you're living your life well. Be responsible, be accountable, and if something isn't working, let it go.

9. Fail until you succeed.
We all make mistakes. We all struggle and have regrets. Don't let anyone frighten you away from the failure that ultimately leads to success.

10. Don't wait another minute.
Choose what works for you and choose wisely. Remember that the approval of others does not have to play a part in your success. Start right now to live your best life.

The way to live fully is to always come back to yourself, and to keep asking yourself what you want. Challenge your mind. Take charge of your life and make it into whatever you want.

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