Google Launches AI Q&A Series for MENA Region

Dubbed "Googleyat," the series will be available on various platforms including Google Arabia's channels.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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Google has rolled out a new short video series tailored to address the most searched questions about AI on its platform in the Middle East and North Africa. The six-part series, presented in Arabic, seeks to debunk common misconceptions surrounding AI and will be hosted by popular Saudi content creator Abdullah AlAlawi.[1]

Featured in the series will be seasoned AI experts from Google, including Mehdi Ghissassi, Director of Product Management at Google DeepMind. The upcoming episodes will tackle the following frequently searched questions:

Episode 1: Unraveling Generative AI

Episode 2: Integrating AI into Academic Pursuits

Episode 3: Understanding the Distinction Between AI and Machine Learning

Episode 4: Harnessing AI in Everyday Scenarios

Episode 5: Safeguarding Personal Data in AI Usage

Episode 6: Enhancing Productivity and Creativity with AI

Dubbed "Googleyat," the series will premiere weekly starting February 5th and will be available on various platforms including Google Arabia's channels on YouTube, Instagram, and X. Additionally, viewers can catch the episodes on Abdullah AlAlawi's YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok channels.

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