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Saudi Digital Payment Company Cashin Acquires Counterpart

Cardless and Cashin Join Forces to Provide Fintech Solutions

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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Saudi-based digital payment solutions provider Cashin has successfully completed the acquisition of Cardless, a prominent name in KSA’s digital payment product landscape.  

The acquisition aims to bolster the firm’s ambitions of incorporating procurement solutions for digital cards within its comprehensive platform.

This move is in line with the company’s strategy to diversify its services, making a foray into the digital card realm with its Cashin Cards offering.   

This service is anticipated to empower over 20,000 merchants with the ability to issue virtual cards, allowing them to seamlessly integrate these cards into their product offerings and earn commissions via digital wallets, devoid of any credit constraints.  

Omar Al-Ramah, Cashin’s CEO, announced in a company statement, that “the integration of Cardless is a strategic move, aligning with the company’s mission to cater to the retail sector’s evolving demands.”

He highlighted the value addition stemming from Cardless’s extensive customer database and a decade-long industry experience.  

Cashin is known for delivering versatile solutions in the domains of point of sale, digital payments, e-invoicing, inventory management, and more, all fine-tuned to serve diverse retail scales.   

Meanwhile, Cardless has made a mark with its holistic digital payment platform, constantly innovating to simplify payment processes for users.  

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