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4 Phrases That Should Persuade But Won’t!

4 Phrases That Should Persuade But Won’t!

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“I do this as well!”

Or to say, “It’s what everyone is going for these days.”

If one of your audience’s primary needs is to feel unique, they would prefer to avoid a choice that anyone would take. They would be more attracted to hear how, by making that decision, they will stand out from the crowd and not be in the crowd. Unless you’re confident that you are an idol for them or that the group of people you’re referencing is a group, they would desire to be considered among.

“This is the only best option for you.”

Please don’t box them in!

I see this often in business presentations when the presenter tries to direct the audience to a particular decision but loses their credibility instead. One of the common questions you’ll hear from your top management, for example, is, “What are the alternatives?” You don’t necessarily need to offer an excellent second option, but you shouldn’t provide a lousy one.

“You’ve got to make a decision today.”

We all know the “Scarcity” persuasion technique used in sales, which works with some people. However, plenty of other people are scared to make a fast decision, and the moment they hear it’s a limited offer or that they must make up their minds immediately, they refuse the suggestion/recommendation.

Not to mention that the more experienced your audience is in the topic you’re discussing, the more time they will need to consider your recommendation.

“I can solve this for you.”

Being the hero who is here to solve problems will only work for some people.

Some audiences, especially the expert audience, must feel they were part of that solution. That’s why it would be wiser to give up the urge to feel like the leading owner of the suggestion and give them the feeling that they came up with the solution/suggestion themselves.

Whether you’re presenting to your top management, new investors, or new clients, persuasion is one of your top objectives. Even though there are widely known persuasion techniques that worked for some presenters, they wouldn’t necessarily work for you if you chose the wrong technique for the wrong audience.

Now, what about you? What phrases do you hear that are usually used to persuade but are a huge turn-off for you?

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