Aramex Spreads Message of Peace with Ramadan Video Campaign

The campaign video follows the journey of a parcel sent by a Palestinian abroad to family in Gaza.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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The global logistics and transportation solutions provider Aramex has unveiled a video campaign for Ramadan, centered on an undelivered parcel destined for Gaza.

The campaign video, "Salam," which translates to "peace" in Arabic, follows the journey of a parcel that a Palestinian sent to family in Gaza from abroad. However, the parcel is halted midway, symbolizing the need for a ceasefire or peace agreement or the opening of borders for delivery to Gaza.

Directed towards a global audience advocating for world peace, the emotional film concludes with a call to action: to send a message of peace via the website On this platform, individuals can record a brief video message echoing "Salam" in solidarity with the campaign's mission to promote peace and unity in Gaza and worldwide.

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