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Cognitiwe AI’s Secures $1.05 Million Funding Round

The funding was led by Flat6Labs among other VCs and angel investors.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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Estonia-based predictive vision AI Platform Cognitiwe AI has secured $1.05 in a funding round from a diverse group of investors, including TechOne VC, Eleven Ventures, Flat6Labs, DOMiNO VC, and Caucasus VC with the support of other angel investors.[1]

Cognitiwe AI's recent funding comes to building on its 2021 investment round with TechOne VC, StartersHub, Startup Wise Guys, and EGIAD Angels.

Cognitiwe AI's flagship product, Wefresh, targets the retail industry to enhance operational efficiency.

Wefresh utilizes advanced AI and image processing technology to deliver real-time insights and data-driven predictions, proving particularly effective in quality control, smart stock tracking, and ensuring product freshness.

Cognitiwe AI enables proactive control and efficient stock planning.

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