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Nine Proactive Steps for Secure WhatsApp Messaging

On World Safe Internet Day: the popular messaging app reminds its users of safety tips.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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WhatsApp is a popular choice for sharing personal thoughts and information. As we observe Safer Internet Day on February 6,  WhatsApp reminds its users, as per an emailed press release to Inc. Arabia, of its additional and newest security features.

The messaging app employs end-to-end encryption for message security, and additional layers of protection can secure your conversations. Here are nine proactive measures to ensure a safer messaging experience on WhatsApp:

1. Activate Two-Step Verification:

Enhance the security of your WhatsApp account by activating two-step verification. This feature prompts you for a 6-digit PIN during account resets or verifications, acting as a defense against phishing attacks and unauthorized access attempts.

2. Use the Official App:

Ensure your messages remain secure by using the latest version of the official WhatsApp app. Authenticate the legitimacy by verifying the correct logo and app name. And always update the app.

3. Employ Disappearing Options for Sensitive Information:

For heightened privacy, utilize disappearing options when sending photos and media. The 'View Once' feature allows recipients to view the message only once without the ability to save, forward, screenshot, or share it. Extend this privacy feature to voice notes and all your important or personal messages. View once is also available for voice notes, allowing them to be played just once.

4. Leverage Read Receipts and Disappearing Messages:

Optimize additional privacy features like turning off read receipts and using disappearing messages for chats that require an extra layer of protection.

5. Secure Intimate Conversations with Chat Lock:

Add an extra layer of security to personal conversations with the Chat Lock feature. This places specific chat threads in a folder accessible only by you, and you can set a unique password distinct from your device password for added protection.

6. Admin Safeguard for Groups/Communities:

If you're a group or community admin, take charge of the security by deciding who joins, restricting members' permissions, managing group settings, and swiftly handling unwanted messages or members.

7. Beware of  Scams:

Remain vigilant against scams by pausing and verifying suspicious messages. WhatsApp provides an immediate option to block unknown contacts. Report and block any suspicious contacts to uphold account security. Even later, it is easy to report and block suspicious contacts to keep your account secure.

8. Silence Unknown Callers:

Prevent disruption from spam and scam calls by silencing unknown callers, an option provided by WhatsApp to automatically filter out unwanted calls.

9. Link Devices from Trusted Sources:

While WhatsApp allows linking up to four devices for a seamless chat experience, ensure you link only from trusted sources.  You can also review your linked devices by going to Settings>Linked Devices and logging out any device you don’t recognize.

Be cautious when using QR codes, and verify the URL as web.whatsapp.com or use the official app from whatsapp.com/download or the app store.

9. Hygiene Tip: Privacy Checkup 

Conduct a privacy checkup on your WhatsApp app to explore and enable features that enhance conversation protection. This is essential and you need to do it regularly. 

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