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WhatsApp Launches New Chat Filters Feature

The new update adds 3 tabs to the top of the list of conversations on the main screen.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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WhatsApp has launched an update for all its smartphone users, making it easier to classify conversations so that the user can access chat groups and unread messages faster.[1]

The new update adds 3 tabs to the top of the list of conversations on the main screen of the application in the form of white oval buttons, one of which is "All" and shows all conversations according to their chronological order of the most recently received messages within it.

In addition, the other two categories are Pinned Conversations, in addition to the “Unread” category, which shows conversations that include any unread messages, or that the user has not opened, and the “Groups” tab, which is for group conversations.

WhatsApp has been testing the new feature since the beginning of this year, with several Android and iPhone users participating in its program to test the experimental features of the Beta Users Program.

The company recently made available a set of features that achieve the same goal, such as pinning up to 3 messages within any conversation, and thus parties to individual conversations and chat groups can access important information faster after it was only possible to pin one message within each conversation.

Since mid-March, the instant messaging service has been testing to increase the number of conversations available to be installed in the main menu of the application from 3 conversations to 5 conversations, which will allow arranging more important conversations and quick access to them without needing to search for them.

Meta has been paying special attention to WhatsApp since 2019, when Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, owner, and founder of the service, announced that the company is moving towards a new future for social communication that relies on private social networks, through which users can share content and information with others.

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