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Core42 Unveils JAIS Chat

This tool is now available for download on iOS devices.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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Core42, a G42 company specializing in full-spectrum artificial intelligence (AI) enablement, has introduced JAIS Chat. This tool is now available for download on iOS devices.[1]

JAIS Chat is a bilingual tool in both English and Arabic. Its design comprehends various Arabic dialects and also navigates cultural nuances.

JAIS, using the Arabic Large Language Model (LLM), encompassed billions of tokens to ensure accuracy in Arabic language processing while rivaling the top-performing English language models of similar magnitude.

The newly launched tool is set to enhance government communications to streamline customer service automation. Its forthcoming functionalities include document processing and voice conversation capabilities.

“Since the inception of JAIS in August 2023, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and with the recent launch of JAIS 30B, we've witnessed a significant enhancement in its performance metrics compared to its predecessor, JAIS 13B. With its Arabic-first approach, JAIS reshapes how bilingual individuals interact with technology, and with JAIS Chat for mobile, we are delivering the next advancement in our mission to democratize AI access for the world,” Andrew Jackson, EVP, Chief AI Officer at Core42, said in a press release sent by mail to Inc. Arabia.

Earlier, Core42 partnered with Gecko Robotics to enhance AI solutions in the UAE and beyond.

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