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FriendyM Car Maintenance App Rolls Out in Egypt

The APP is used in the UAE and KSA and is expanding in Cairo and Alexandria.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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Cairo and Alexandria have welcomed the launch of FriendyM, a car maintenance app designed to streamline vehicle management and upkeep.[1]

The launch comes with a substantial investment of EGP 100 million (USD 3 million).

FriendyM has set an ambitious target of reaching 100,000 vehicles within its inaugural year, with plans for further expansion across the entirety of Egypt.

 The app distinguishes itself by leveraging vehicle data to send timely maintenance reminders to owners.

 It also offers a comprehensive analysis of associated costs for necessary services.

Beyond these features, FriendyM provides technical support services through a Chat Support option. This functionality allows users to engage with specialists, seeking expert advice and solutions for any inquiries they may have about their vehicles.

Additionally, FriendyM offers SOS emergency services, adding an extra layer of security and assistance for users.

The Application is already in use in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. 

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