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Saudi Entrepreneurs Join 8,000 Km Train Journey Across India

The 14-day journey takes 450 entrepreneurs through Middle India.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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Five Saudi entrepreneurs are participating in Jagriti Startup G20 Yatra 2023 – a 14-day, 8,000 km train journey across Middle India, reports Arab News. The journey, which began on Saturday and will end on November 10, includes 450 participants and 50 facilitators, and will stop at 10 destinations across India.

Jagrita Yatra is an annual event held in India that facilitates networking, workshops and lectures for entrepreneurs. This is the first year that Jagriti Yatra, which has been running for 15 years, includes so many international participants, with 60 delegates from G20 countries participating.

This year’s journey is organized by Jagriti Yatra as well as G20 2023 India and Startup20.

Saudi participation in the program is organized by Riyadh-based Saudi startup incubator and accelerator HealthGena.

A recent report by MAGNiTT noted increased efforts to strengthen ties between GCC countries and Asian economies.

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