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1st Hydrogen Train in Middle East to Begin Trials Next Week

KSA's National Railroad Partners with French Giant Alstom for Sustainable Transportation Milestone

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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Saudi Arabia's Minister for Energy Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman said on Sunday that the first hydrogen train in the Middle East will begin trials next week.

Saudi Arabia is moving forward with its commitment to sustainable transportation by commencing tests on its ambitious hydrogen train project.

In September 2022, Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) initially forged a memorandum of understanding with French rail transportation leader Alstom to develop tailor-made hydrogen train solutions for the nation.

This collaboration has involved operational trials and environmental compatibility assessments, marking a significant milestone in bringing hydrogen-powered trains to the Middle East and North Africa. The endeavor reflects Saudi Arabia’s dedication to adopting eco-friendly transportation technologies.

Saleh bin Nasser Al-Jasser, the minister of transport and logistics services, said, “This step aligns with the National Strategy for Transport and Logistics Services. It signifies SAR’s continuous transition toward a more sustainable transportation system, driven by cutting-edge technologies and in harmony with Saudi Vision 2030.”

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