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UAE’s Boltable Studio Secures Funding from Chalhoub Group

Both firms are aiming to influence the virtual shopping experience.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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Abu Dhabi-based Boltable Studio, a top-tier Roblox design studio, has secured undisclosed strategic funding from Chalhoub Group.[1]

Since 2016, Boltable Studio has blazed new paths in the Roblox community. With over 30 million virtual sales under its in-house brand, Prince Clothing

For its French luxury silverware brand, Christofle, Chalhoub Group unveiled a collection of 529 unique NFTs in 2022, marking the beginning of the brand's foray into the metaverse and Web3.

In five minutes, all of these NFTs were sold. In response to this achievement, the Group unveiled phygital sneakers in honor of Level Shoes' tenth anniversary.

Chalhoub Group unveiled SOL3MATES, the first web3-native streetwear label, in 2023, carrying on with its innovative work.

Chalhoub Group and Boltable Studio are aiming to influence the direction of virtual shopping with this funding round, providing a new generation of customers with new experiences inside the dynamic Roblox community.

Chalhoub Group & Boltable Studio worked together on the Christofle virtual Roblox line before this partnership.

Fifteen virtual goods made by Boltable Studio sold more than 120,000 times on Roblox in 2023, demonstrating the platform's enormous potential.

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