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What You Need to Know About Egypt’s New Delta Plan

Egypt Hopes to Achieve Water Security by Optimizing Fresh Water Usage and Constructing Climate-Smart Water Infrastructure

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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The New Delta Plant can treat 7.5mln cubic meters of water per day, optimizing the usage of freshwater and building climate-smart water infrastructure.

The plant is a joint venture between Metito, Orascom Construction, The Arab Contractors, and Hassan Allam Construction, operating under the mandate of the Ministry of Defense, Armed Forces Engineering Authority Water Department.

The plant contributes significantly to mitigating the effects of climate change in the existing Delta area, including drainage and pumping stations. 

It  holds the record for the largest water treatment facility, covering an impressive area of 320,600 sqm. 

 It is recognized as the largest water treatment plant with a capacity of 86.8 cubic meters per second.

It boasts the largest sludge treatment plant, with a substantial capacity of 670.01 kilograms.

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