Wind Rises Nets $1 Million to Propel Sustainable Sailing

The capital infusion will be channeled into expanding the fleet.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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Dubai’s sailing club Wind Rises has secured $1 million in pre-seed funding from angel investors, according to an emailed press release to Inc. Arabia. The capital infusion will be channeled into expanding the fleet, enhancing services, offering lessons and local races, fostering community growth, and establishing a second location within the UAE.

Their fleet consists of FAREAST 28R racing keelboats, which combine the knowledge of Far East Boats and the European Design Office, Simonis Voogd. Teams of two to six individuals can board any vessel, and no prior sailing expertise is necessary.

The company boasts a fleet of 10 keelboats powered solely by wind, ensuring zero harmful emissions. This commitment to sustainable sailing not only reduces water pollution but also minimizes the carbon footprint, fostering a healthier marine ecosystem.

Wind Rises democratizes access to sustainable sailing in Dubai by offering affordable experiences, with weekday lessons priced at Dhs300 ($81.69) per person and weekend sessions at Dhs380 ($103.47). Users can book sailing sessions with instructors through the platform. Since its inception in 2023, Wind Rises has welcomed over 1,000 visitors, predominantly aged 25–40, with 75% experiencing yachting for the first time.

In addition to sailing experiences, Wind Rises offers a range of services, including theoretical and practical lessons, sailing races, competitions, and team-building events. The company also caters to corporate events, providing opportunities for companies like Siemens, Red Bull, and Airbus to engage in team-building activities on the water.

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