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OpenAI to Pitch Sora to Hollywood

Open AI has scheduled meetings with Hollywood studios and talent agencies to promote the integration of its AI video generator into filmmaking

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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The artificial intelligence firm OpenAI is set to engage with Hollywood next week as it seeks collaborations with major film studios, directors, and talent agencies, Bloomberg reported, citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter. This aims to foster partnerships in the entertainment industry and promote the integration of its AI video generator into filmmaking.[1]

Chief Operating Officer Brad Lightcap led introductory discussions in late February, showcasing the capabilities of Sora, the company's first artificial intelligence (AI)-powered text-to-video generation model. It generates minute-long, lifelike videos based on text prompts. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman furthered these efforts with appearances during the Academy Awards weekend in Los Angeles.

Sora garnered widespread interest from both Hollywood and Silicon Valley, featuring a series of high-definition clips. While Sora remains accessible to a limited group, OpenAI has granted access to select renowned actors and directors.

Sora can create intricate scenes with several actors, distinct motion styles, and precise background and subject details. In addition to comprehending the user's request in the prompt, the model also knows how those items exist in the real world.

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