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CES 2024 Unleashes Technological Revolution

Techies and industry leaders from across the globe flock to Las Vegas from 9th to 12th January to attend the event.

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has once again taken the tech world by storm, showcasing a dazzling array of groundbreaking innovations and technologies.

Held in Las Vegas, CES 2024 is happening from January 9th to 12th with the participation of industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts from across the globe.

1. AI and Robotics Dominate the Scene

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics stole the spotlight at CES 2024, with companies pushing the boundaries of what's possible. From lifelike robots that can perform complex tasks to AI-driven innovations enhancing everyday life, the show demonstrated the exponential growth of these technologies.

One notable highlight was the unveiling of a new generation of autonomous vehicles that promise safer and more efficient transportation.

At CES 2024, Magna unveiled their next-generation 800V eDrive system, which breaks efficiency, power-to-weight ratio, and torque density records globally.[1]

CES 2024 Unleashes Technological Revolution

AI-powered drones also took center stage, showcasing their potential applications in various industries, from surveillance to package delivery.

In addition, Walmart unveiled at CES 2024 several new and forthcoming products that are designed to enhance the consumer experience.[2]

These products include technology that will eliminate the need for Sam's Club receipt check lines as well as generative AI-powered search capabilities.

Furthermore, Walmart is extending the drone delivery service to an additional 1.8 million households in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, following over 20,000 deliveries in the previous two years.

CES 2024 Unleashes Technological Revolution

According to the firm, no US shop has before provided drone delivery to this many homes in a single market.

In Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Utah, and Virginia, Walmart also provides drone delivery.

Walmart also revealed that a brand-new search experience driven by generative AI is now accessible on iOS and will roll out to all platforms later this quarter.

2. Next-Gen Gaming Experiences

Gaming enthusiasts were treated to a glimpse of the future with the introduction of new and exciting gaming technologies.

High-performance graphics cards, immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences, and new gaming consoles took the stage, promising a new era of entertainment.

The AI-developing startup Convai and the American software giant Nvidia have collaborated to make non-playable characters (NPCs) in video games visible.[3]

CES 2024 Unleashes Technological Revolution

NPCs will be able to communicate with players and their surroundings in a way that is entirely natural thanks to technology.

Also, tech manufacturer LG has revealed their latest OLED T, a wireless 77-inch transparent TV that, when not in use, is meant to resemble a clear sheet of glass.

CES 2024 Unleashes Technological Revolution

LG has also announced the release of a robot companion for smart homes.

CES 2024 Unleashes Technological Revolution

Also, Samsung unveiled a new refrigerator that it claims makes use of helpful AI technology.

Up to 33 distinct foods may be recognized by the refrigerator with accuracy, and owners can manually enter best-before dates to help the refrigerator track and alert you to which ingredients to utilize first.

CES 2024 Unleashes Technological Revolution

3. Health and Wellness Tech

The importance of health and wellness took center stage at CES 2024, with an impressive array of tech-driven solutions aimed at improving lives. From smart wearables that monitor vital signs to innovative fitness equipment, the show highlighted the growing synergy between technology and well-being.

AnuraTM MagicMirrorTM, a first-of-its-kind tabletop smart mirror that collects facial blood flow data to precisely calculate a variety of vital indicators and disease risk assessments, was launched by NuraLogix, a global leader in Affective AITM1.[4]

CES 2024 Unleashes Technological Revolution

4. Sustainable Tech Innovations

As the world grapples with environmental challenges, CES 2024 showcased a strong emphasis on sustainable technologies. From eco-friendly gadgets to energy-efficient innovations, the tech industry is actively working towards a greener future.

The silicon core, or micromotor, of French deep tech business SilMach, won the Best of CES 2024 Innovation Awards. With its silicon-core micromotor, which is marketed as the smallest and most autonomous in the world.[5]

CES 2024 Unleashes Technological Revolution

5. Connectivity and 5G Advancements

The fifth-generation wireless technology, 5G, continued to be a driving force at CES 2024. Innovations in connectivity and network infrastructure were on full display, promising faster and more reliable communication across a wide range of devices.

Leading provider of IoT solutions Cavli Wireless announced the release of its flagship 5G RedCap CQM220 Cellular IoT Module.[6] This module complies with 3GPP release 17 standards and is designed to spark IoT and M2M applications.

With downlink speeds reaching up to 226 Mbps and uplink speeds reaching 121 Mbps, it boasts a significant data bandwidth. The module offers its consumers options by being available in a variety of form factors, such as LGA, PCIe Gen2, and M.2.

CES 2024 Unleashes Technological Revolution

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