SBWC Showcases Leading AI Businesswomen and Tech Innovators

The Sharjah Businesswomen Council Takes Center Stage at Expand North Star

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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The Sharjah Businesswomen Council (SBWC), a vital player in the region's entrepreneurial ecosystem, took center stage at Expand North Star, this week, by actively showcasing the technology ventures of its members at its dedicated pavilion. These entrepreneurs had the opportunity to present their groundbreaking innovations across various sectors, from construction and logistics to education and more.

SBWC's participation in Expand North Star is part of its strategic partnership with the event, now in its sixth consecutive year. The partnership serves the dual purpose of supporting and empowering businesswomen in technology and business sectors while introducing global businesses to the unique opportunities Sharjah offers for women-led businesses across diverse industries.

As part of their commitment to empowering women in the technology sector, SBWC organized a panel at Expand North Star 2023, a discussion titled "Empowering Women in AI to Lead Change for a Sustainable Future."

The panel emphasized the role of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, projected to account for 14% of the country's GDP by 2030. This phenomenal growth is attributed to the forward-thinking leadership and visionary initiatives of the UAE, including the 2031 Artificial Intelligence Strategy and the UAE Gender Balance Strategy 2026.

These strategic frameworks offer unique opportunities for 10,000 Emirati businesswomen, constituting 10% of the entire Emirati entrepreneurial community.

During the panel discussion, speakers deliberated on innovative solutions to assist small and medium-sized businesses owned or managed by women in harnessing AI's potential.

The session also shed light on key factors contributing to empowerment and technological integration for building a sustainable future. It reviewed global studies conducted by PwC in the UK, outlining AI's environmental contributions to the global economy, projected to reach £5.2 trillion by 2030. Furthermore, the session addressed the gender-specific funding gap in the AI sector and strategies to overcome it.

Another critical issue discussed during the session was the disparity in access to training for men and women and its impact on productivity and returns. The speakers offered valuable advice on how to drive change and leadership in the technology sector.

Mariam Bin Al Sheikh, Director of SBWC, said in a company statement “Expand North Star 2023 demonstrates the council's commitment to supporting women's sustainable development and advancing their role in economic sectors, particularly in the technology sector.”

She emphasized SBWC's role in economically empowering women in the technology and artificial intelligence sectors, along with various other industries. She also highlighted the extensive potential of Sharjah and its supportive infrastructure for women entrepreneurs.

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