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Fostering Collaboration and Growth: The Value of QBRs

The implementation of QBRs has significantly contributed to 7awi Media Group organizational efficiency and focus.

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For the past four years, Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) have been integral to our operations at 7awi Media Group. These sessions serve as pivotal moments for learning, refining processes, and aligning efforts to meet our quarterly and annual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Fostering Collaboration and Growth: The Value of QBRs

Outlined below are the key components that define our QBR framework:

  1. Clear Agenda (What): Each QBR follows a meticulously planned agenda, focusing on addressing challenges and planning for the upcoming quarter. We prioritize quality discussions over mere status updates, limiting the agenda to the top challenges and plans.
  2. Stakeholder Engagement (Who): All stakeholders with relevant targets are invited to participate, ensuring comprehensive representation from senior leadership to management. Certain sessions may have reduced attendance to accommodate sensitive information.
  3. Understanding Objectives (Why): Amidst our organization’s growth and expansion, the QBR provides a dedicated space to understand challenges and opportunities across various fronts, fostering alignment and shared understanding among stakeholders.
  4. Effective Execution (How): The Business Excellence team oversees the logistics of each QBR, ensuring seamless coordination and preparation. A standardized template is shared well in advance, allowing attendees to review and prepare questions. Presentations are concise, with strict time limits and a focus on confidentiality.
  5. Encouraging Discourse (New): Disagreements are welcomed and encouraged in QBR meetings, fostering an environment where diverse perspectives can be openly discussed and resolved. This encourages critical thinking and ensures that all viewpoints are considered in decision-making processes.
  6. Strategic Timing (When): Recognizing the challenge of accommodating everyone’s schedules, we hold QBRs on Saturdays, minimizing work distractions. Attendees are granted a day off within two weeks to compensate for the weekend session.
  7. Accessible Locations (Where): QBRs take place in our conference rooms in Dubai and Amman, with remote team members joining via Microsoft Teams. Sessions are recorded for follow-up and review, with detailed notes compiled for action items.

Fostering Collaboration and Growth: The Value of QBRs

In conclusion, the implementation of QBRs has significantly contributed to our organizational efficiency and focus. By continually refining our approach and addressing challenges head-on, we have fostered a culture of productivity, collaboration, and constructive discourse. Consider adopting a QBR strategy tailored to your organization’s needs to experience similar benefits firsthand.

Of course, never forget the coffee, snacks and meals!

Fostering Collaboration and Growth: The Value of QBRs

Happy Quarterly Business Reviews!

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