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Saudi Tourism Authority Debuts at Cannes Lions

Saudi Vision 2030 has been cited as the driving force behind the kingdom's ambitions to become the gaming capital of the world.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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The Saudi Tourism Authority made its first appearance at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, with CEO Fahd Hamidaddin delivering a keynote speech highlighting its role of creativity in transforming Saudi Arabia's tourism sector.

Hamidaddin emphasized the Kingdom's ambitious goals, focusing on creativity and innovation as central elements in its economic diversification and transformative journey towards Vision 2030. He addressed an audience of leading global creatives, asserting that storytelling and creativity are essential to Saudi's future.

"Storytelling is something that Arabia has always cherished, and creativity is the beacon of our future; it’s the beauty of imagination meeting innovation," Hamidaddin remarked during his 30-minute address.

He outlined Saudi Arabia's transformation from an oil-dependent nation to a diversified, hyper-growth economy with a cultural and creative footprint on the global stage. This transformation includes several arts and entertainment scenes, with Saudi entries in events like the Oscars and the Cannes Film Festival, and a growing collaboration between local and international creatives.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity runs from June 17th to June 21st.

Tourism in Saudi Arabia is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by the Vision 2030 initiative. The government has implemented several measures to accelerate the implementation of the National Tourism Strategy and Vision 2030 targets, which include attracting millions of visitors annually, increasing the tourism sector's contribution to GDP, and creating jobs in tourism. By 2025, the tourism industry is projected to contribute over $86 billion to the Saudi Arabian economy.

The country has been investing in various attractions and developing giga-projects, such as the Red Sea Project, Amaala, and Neom. Neom stands out as the mega project with the highest value of construction contracts awarded. The Red Sea Project, in particular, spans more than 90 islands, mountain canyons, dormant volcanoes, and historic landmarks.

Saudi Vision 2030 has been cited as the driving force behind the kingdom's ambitions to become the gaming capital of the world. It's also been credited for the recent boom in the Saudi real estate market.

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