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Thmanyah, Al-Thaqafeyah Partner

Thmanyah develops innovative tools empowering individuals to enrich Arabic content online.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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Thmanyah has inked an agreement with Al-Thaqafeyah to broadcast and distribute its documentary productions on the Al-Thaqafeyah broadcast channel and the Shahid platform, as per an emailed press release to Inc. Arabia.

Al-Thaqafeyah, a recently launched Saudi cultural channel by the MBC group in late 2023, will showcase selected documentaries curated by Thmanyah.

Leading the lineup is "Tha Qal," Thmanyah’s latest documentary endeavor, translating to "he said" in the Saudi dialect. The series, which Khaled Oun, a well-known literary critic known for his love of poetry, presents, delves into the rich tradition and eloquence of Arabic poetry through a captivating narrative and visual style.

The series comprises ten episodes, with the premiere coinciding with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's founding day on February 22nd. Subsequent episodes are slated for release during the holy month of Ramadan, available simultaneously on Al-Thaqafeyah, Shahid, and Thmanyah’s digital platforms.

Thmanyah stands as the largest Arabic podcast network in the Middle East and North Africa, alongside being Saudi Arabia's foremost producer of documentaries, boasting over 250 diverse titles with millions of views.

Thmanyah develops innovative tools that empower individuals to enrich Arabic content online. From articles and newsletters to documentaries and podcasts, its repertoire of over 20 products aims to chronicle Arab societies' lives, spanning topics from culture and cinema to health, lifestyle, and finance.

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