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Kuwait Introduces Its First Bank-Led Digital Marketplace

The KIB PayTally App, with its Islamic banking solutions, provides customers with a platform to fulfill their diverse financial needs within one integrated ecosystem.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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Kuwait International Bank (KIB) has launched the country's first bank-led digital marketplace, the KIB PayTally app.

The KIB PayTally app, with its Islamic banking solutions, aims to support the banking experience in Kuwait by providing customers with a comprehensive platform to fulfill their diverse needs within one integrated ecosystem. 

From everyday essentials to specialized services, users can conveniently access a wide array of products and offerings across various categories via the app.

Notably, when seeking financing through the KIB PayTally app, there's no need for customers to transfer their salaries to the bank. The KIB PayTally app offers a variety of flexible financing options, ranging from 3 to 60 months, with amounts between KD 300 ($974) and KD 25,000 ($81,170). The service aims to caters to a broad customer base, including account holders and non-account holders, citizens, and residents alike.[2]

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