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Mega Green Accelerator Picks 8 Climate Startups

Over the next six months, these selected startups will benefit from funding and mentorship by industry veterans.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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The Mega Green Accelerator program has unveiled the names of eight startups hoping to help with climate solutions.[1]

This initiative aims to bolster startups dedicated to advancing the circular economy, transitioning to clean energy, and combating climate change through technological breakthroughs in water management and agricultural practices.

The announcement, coinciding with the annual GPCA Plastics Conference themed "Innovating for Sustainable Growth," introduced these selected startups to industry leaders committed to propelling the development of a circular economy in the region.

Among the chosen ventures are Mrüna from the UAE, an urban solutions provider; The UAE’s Surpluss from the UAE, facilitating greenhouse gas emissions reduction via digital sustainability exchange; Saudi Arabina Mirai, expanding solar energy applications; Saudi Arabian TECHNOLOGIES, fostering climate action through AI solutions; YY ReGen from Lebanon, renewable energy and water management solutions provider; Egyptian Viridia Tech, enhancing crop analytics for sustainability; P-VITA from Egypt, producing natural raw materials sustainably; and Tunisian Kumulus, a water tech start-up aiming to make drinking water more accessible, sustainable, and economical for hotels and businesses across the MENA and Southern European regions by turning air into fresh drinking water through innovative AWG machines.

Over the next six months, these selected startups will benefit from funding, mentorship by industry veterans, and market access to scale their innovative solutions. Additionally, the winning startup will receive $30,000 to further fuel its expansion.

The Mega Green Accelerator program is a collaborative effort between PepsiCo, SABIC, AstroLabs, and strategic partners.

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