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UAE Revolutionizes Maritime Security with Satellite Tech

By harnessing space tech and AI, the project seeks to revolutionize ship detection, sea monitoring, and weather forecasting, to position the UAE as a premier global maritime hub.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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The UAE's Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure (MoEI), in collaboration with the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC), has announced the launch of Satgate, marking a significant step towards advancing satellite technology for maritime operations. [1]

The Satgate project aims to establish a comprehensive database of ships visiting UAE ports and enhance the security of maritime facilities and coastlines by tracking the whereabouts of ships that do not have tracking devices. The project aims to enhance maritime security, increase the competitiveness of the national maritime sector, and attract global investors.

By enhancing its tracking systems with cutting-edge technology, the UAE bolsters maritime transport efficiency and reduces risks to foster increased trade and transport flow through UAE ports. Innovation in the maritime sector not only grows the economy but also supports sustainable development by preserving and enhancing the marine environment. [2]

The collaboration is a major step forward in leveraging space technology for the maritime sector. The project, which comes at a time marked by attacks on oil tankers and cargo vessels in the Red Sea and Gulf regions, has the potential to enhance the security and financial competitiveness of commercial sea traffic in the area.

Satgate is a transformative project under the performance agreements of 2023-2024. Last year, the UAE witnessed the signing of 22 performance agreements to develop 80 transformational projects over a period of six months. The agreements set out 16 targets for government ministers to execute transformative initiatives to implement national priorities and achieve the UAE's next phase of development.

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