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TikTok Unveils New Measures for Enhanced Safety

The new measures are scheduled to roll out next month.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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TikTok has revealed new initiatives aimed at enhancing content integrity and promoting user safety.[1]

Scheduled to roll out next month, the social media giant's revamped Community Guidelines will feature refined definitions and detailed explanations, particularly addressing issues such as hate speech and health misinformation.

One notable enhancement involves stricter criteria for "For You" feed eligibility, ensuring content aligns with broader community standards. Repeat offenders of these guidelines may be subject to temporary bans that will reduce their content's search engine visibility.

Furthermore, TikTok is introducing a warning system for first-time guideline violations. 

The platform is also launching the 'Account Check' tool, enabling creators to review their recent posts.

In addition, TikTok is introducing the Creator Code of Conduct, outlining expectations for participants in TikTok programs, events, and campaigns.

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