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Abu Dhabi to Ban Single-use Styrofoam Starting June 1st

The ban is part of EAD's comprehensive "Single-Use Plastic Policy," initiated in 2020.

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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Abu Dhabi is set to enforce a ban on single-use Styrofoam products starting June 1st, 2024. The move, spearheaded by the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi (EAD), is aimed at combating plastic pollution.[1]

The ban, part of EAD's comprehensive "Single-Use Plastic Policy" initiated in 2020, targets a range of Styrofoam items commonly used in daily consumption. Included in the ban are cups, lids, plates, beverage containers, and food container receptacles intended for immediate consumption.

Styrofoam easily breaks down into harmful microplastics, entering the food chain and posing risks to human health and biodiversity.

In Abu Dhabi, a significant reduction in plastic bottle consumption has been achieved, amounting to over 1,000 tons collected last year alone.

To ensure widespread compliance, the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) has shared the ban circular with over 50,000 commercial establishments and 80 plastic manufacturing facilities. An awareness program, conducted in coordination with EAD, has been launched to educate stakeholders about the ban and its implications.

Beginning on June 1st, 2024, ADDED will launch field inspection campaigns throughout Abu Dhabi to ensure strict adherence to the ban.

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