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Edtech Crafty Workshop Raises $400K Round from EdVentures

Egyptian Startup Specialzes in Art Education

By Inc.Arabia Staff
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Crafty Workshop, an Egypt-based education technology company, has recently closed a successful Seed funding round, securing $400,000. EdVentures, a corporate venture capital firm in the Middle East with a focus on EdTech, led the funding round.

Launched in 2019 by Hadeer Shalaby and Amgad Moustafa, Crafty Workshop is an e-learning platform specializing in creative industries. The platform offers a diverse array of courses and workshops, catering to individuals with interests ranging from art, design, and illustration to programming, game development, and more.

Crafty Workshop offers a diverse range of creative courses and workshops, catering to individuals interested in art, design, illustration, programming, game development, photography, animation, handicraft, and more. The platform’s focus is to provide accessible
and high-quality education, empowering learners to enhance their creative skills and pursue their passions.

Beyond its role in education, Crafty Workshop serves as a vocational skills training provider, addressing the pressing issue of youth unemployment. By offering vocational training programs, the company not only equips learners with essential knowledge and skills but also aids in securing job placements and career opportunities.

Crafty Workshop’s latest investment from EdVentures marks the continuation of a successful partnership, showcasing the company’s strides in the Egyptian market and the Gulf region. The funding round underscores the increasing demand for accessible and quality education in the creative industries.

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